I’m antique dealer and interiors lover born and raised in Nashville, TN. I specialize mainly in furniture and Moroccan rug dealings.  I’ve always been a sentimental soul and appreciate the stories behind the pieces that I purchase. My proclivity for antiques and vintage started at an early age when I’d visit either of my grandmothers’ homes and dig through their various closets, attics, or basements in search of the perfect keepsake to add to my “collection”. Both of them were collectors – one owned an antique mall for decades and one ran a kindergarten out of her basement (thus my obsession with children’s books). This sentimentality and penchant for all things old was then passed down to my mother…and subsequently to me.

I’m a self-dubbed chronic re-arranger…and curate my home based on daily inspiration and mood. I’m inspired by textiles from around the globe and If I’m not picking, I’m exploring the world with my sweet husband, Ryan. I think travel and antiques go hand-in-hand and with each new place we visit, we uncover a new story or piece to bring home with us (check out the rug shop).

My mother and I opened our first antique booth in 2009 at Gaslamp Antiques in Nashville called The Burlap Rabbit. In early 2014,  we moved to The Downtown Antique Mall and I took over operating under the moniker “Hot Child Studio” (which is a play-off of my initial NYC blog called “Hot Child in the City”). I’m now dubbed, “Souvenir Home” because I love the idea of bringing souvenirs home from our travels and offering up a great souvenir to people traveling to Nashville. Come see me!

For all inquiries, shoot me an email: jordan@hotchildstudio.com