project moore ave: shutters on the inside

Buying a house that has such tall interior walls has been a fun challenge – the sky’s the limit [pun intended]. However, finding affordable drapes that are 50 x 124 is nearly impossible. Not to mention, I have 9 windows that need two curtains each! Yikes.

So when reality set in that we would be living at Moore in less than a week, I put my thinking cap on and got creative. I remembered that the exterior shutters were perfectly weathered yet sturdy and weren’t hung to function as they should on the outside of the house. Because they were cut to fit the windows exactly, I brought them inside! After taking them all down, we had 10 total, and after inspecting them, we discovered we had 6…maybe 8 that were use-able.

looks like someone else thought they were gorgeous…since a few are missing :)

We decided that the living room was our main priority. Our next door neighbors are super sweet, but their windows line up with ours and there is about 10 feet in between our homes. We thought it would be nice to have something to close at night time so we aren’ essentially all hanging out in one big living room. 
The rest of the process is beyond simple. We bought a bunch of inexpensive hinges from Home Depot and started hanging them! Lining them up where they’d close correctly and hang on the trim was a bit tricky at first, but after the first set, they flew up. 

Yay! For more #projectmooreave click HERE!

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