DIY Italian Linen Pendant Light

Note to self! Don’t schedule un-finished blog posts whilst renovating a home! You probably won’t finish the post…and then people will read your half-assed ramblings about light fixtures :) I’m guessing I’ll have a part two of this blog post…since there isn’t a reveal of any sort :(


Because I read so many Scandinavian blogs…I’ve fallen in love with the Koushi Lamp by Mark Eden Schooley. There are all sorts of variations of the Koushi – outlined perfectly by the Remodelista – but I’m partial to original. I love how cozy they make a room feel…and the white fabric gives the softest glow. Someday, I will purchase my own.

I’m also drawn to the Lampade Bigger by Vincenza-based Orietta Marcon of Oggetti. It’s beautifully-washed linen affixed to a round frame…and that’s it. Like most people who don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, I took one look at this light fixture, fell in love, and immediately thought, “I can make that myself” — so I did!

The Remodelista also gives an A+ DIY for this project, but when I went to select my fabric, I fell in love with a heavy, upholstery striped linen and needed something a bit stronger than the wire they suggested. I racked my brain for a circular wire object that could work as my frame for this pendant…and found myself wandering in the faux flower section of JoAnn’s fabrics. Voila…a wreath frame! I remembered that my mother had a rather large one at her house from the holidays, so I used that one, but most crafty/fabric type stores will have these [Michaels, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby, etc].

As I headed home, I still wasn’t sure what my process would be…but the only option for this project was to hand sew the fabric all the way around the ring

And…that’s all for now, folks! More to come once I’m all moved in and the light fixture has been hung from the ceiling. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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