project moore ave: some updates

Although Project Moore has been placed in a holding pattern in regards to the bathroom renovation/master bedroom, we’ve found mini projects to keep us busy. No matter the setbacks, I can’t wait to settle into this home. A few accomplishments…

1) Ryan started taking the paint off of the transom windows using a compound + razor technique. It’s tedious and I’m beyond grateful that he hasn’t asked me to join in just yet. What a difference it makes!

2) We removed the floor heaters in the parlor and guest room and had them patched! Now…time to paint that floor shiny white.

3) I added casters to this old canning table we bought a few months ago. Now it’s the perfect dining room table!

4) We started demo-ing the bathroom in preparation for the renovation. I cannot wait to get that project going! We removed more lath from here and were able to salvage larger pieces doing it ourselves as opposed to having a demo team take their saws and sledgehammers to it.

5) My friend Dillon brought over his Bobcat and broke up a slab of concrete/tore down a bunch of brush in prep for the fence! The yard is torn up, but the soil is so nice and will easily grow grass.

6) On a whim, we decided that we DO want to go ahead and take down the wall separating the kitchen from the dining/living room…so we attacked that full force over the weekend. The best part? Under two layers of flooring, we found the original hardwoods [yessssssssssss]! I removed all the metal kitchen cabinets and are awaiting electricians, etc. I can’t wait to re-arrange this room!

7) Recently went by our new neighbors, Woodstock Vintage Lumber and purchased a beam to hold up, what we thought was, a load-bearing wall. As it turns out, we don’t need the beam…but I’m going to be bugging the gents over at Woodstock quite often, I figure. They have the prettiest pieces…it’s like a dreamland.
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