mara hoffman + anthro goodness

Normally, I’m not one for loads and loads of color. I mainly stick to neutrals – black, white, brown…leather, wood, stone. You get the idea. Therefore, it’s bizarre [although completely okayyy] that I love Mara Hoffman and everything she creates. Her bold patterns and bright colors are not of my norm and I think that’s why I’m so drawn to them. Not to mention, she’s kinda bests with Pamela Love [also an obsession] and they post cute instagram pics together. Follow them here and here.

Recently Mara launched a collaboration with Anthropologie…and it is splendid. There is furniture and towels and clothing…oh my. Because of my love for her epic eye shawl, it comes as no surprise that I selected the matching eye rug. Photos don’t do it justice…it’s a beaut.

I also purchased the Rays Beach Towel because, well, summer. Click HERE to see the entire Mara Hoffman x Anthro collection – somebody [with $$$] needs to get the chair. Somebody, please buy the chair.

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