back porch upgrades

Last year, we focused a lot of our energy on the front porch and yard of our home. Upon Spring’s arrival, it just feels good to get outside and work in the yard. We added barnwood to the front porch, purchased a daybed, had the exterior of the house painted white, and also had the landscaping re-done. This year, I’m focusing all of my time out back.

Although I never knew the previous owners of our home, I can tell they were adorable. She was obviously much shorter than him, so he installed her own peep hole on the front door, her own soap dish in the shower, and a pulley system on the back porch for her to lift her groceries up with ease. He also, unknowingly, created this gigantic party porch in attempts to keep his and her cars out the rain. Needless to say, I have a LARGE, concrete space to work with and it has been difficult to figure out where to put furniture, etc. In the past, I’ve had separate sitting and eating areas like this.

This year, I’ve decided that we’re going to paint the entire porch white. I’ve had a giant american flag painted in the middle and plan on re-painting it once we get the porch pressure washed and white-washed. I think it will do a good job of keeping the heat down and add a bit of Greece to our, otherwise, concrete slab of fun. In the dead of summer, that porch is murder for your toes. Not to mention, this american flag needs some lovin…

The rails on the porch are a black metal so I’m running with that theme and hoping to have all the furniture white with hints of black.

As you know, I had the butterfly chairs covered in a white sunbrella fabric and re-painted the frames in a gloss black. I’ve had them inside and have officially moved them to the porch. I also have a vintage washer/dryer that I use as a cooler for beverages and a planter. I re-painted the rusted base gloss black as well. I paired my two butterfly chairs with two of my white homecrest chairs that I plan on giving a touch-up.

I’ve also decided to keep my red glider bench and paint it white along with all of the other furniture. I’ve thought about selling it a few times, but we had our engagement pictures taken on this bench…and I just can’t let it go :(

Finally, this past weekend was our monthly flea market at the fairgrounds. There is always this guy there selling these fire pits made from giant propane tanks. I’ve always wanted one and recently my firepit died [literally crumbled to the ground]. So, we got there early on Friday and snagged one of the last two. 
I love how strong and sturdy this pit is. He explained the process to me [i.e. cutting the tank, getting all of the gas wiped from the insides, welding down the cut edge so it is dull to the touch, and drilling the hole to the bottom for rain drainage]. He finishes by placing it on a wheel for the base.

Finally, this year, I took my two christmas trees out back and let them sit until they completely dried out. I then took the shears to them and cut them down into kindling. I have stored them in this old metal basket and have it nearby for when we’re getting a big fire started. This stuff is FLAMMABLE and smells so so good once it’s lit. Definitely doing this every year.

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