real estate stalking…

One of the perks of Ryan being a real estate agent [btw – if you need an agent, you should totally use him] is that I can essentially go look at any home on the market that gets my attention. We’re not really looking to move, but if something fantastical popped up, we’d be interested. Therefore, a few weeks ago, this house on Sperry Ave reallllllly caught my attention. Not only is the exterior adorable, but whoever the man is that resides inside…I want to be friends with him. 
Pardon my photography skills…but how pretty are those floors? Not to mention, I seriously want every single piece of furniture in this place. I was completely blown away. If only everyone trying to sell their home knew how to make it THIS pretty. 

I used to have these exact shelves in my dining room for this exact purpose.

inspired by the art…definitely a DIY
love the double bench/shoe situation.

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