icebox library

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how much I loved the vintage fridge that I spotted on American Horror Story: Coven – it was a beauty. If you haven’t read my last post [here], I accidentally deleted almost 20 posts while trying to organize my labels — including the original post. After a few sailor moments…I’ve moved on. Lesson learned!

Ryan’s grandmother left us this White Mountain Grand icebox that was originally hers. I’ve had it sitting in a back room until we could figure out how to use it and I loved the idea of having it as a pantry. 

Then, the other day, while reading this SF Girl By Bay post about Electric Blanket, I had lightbulb moment! I’ve been looking to buy a bookcase for a while now and thought about this one from Wisteria. However, when I saw these images of the vintage fridge used for records, etc. I knew I had to get my books out of the closet [where I’ve, sadly been hiding them].

I love keeping the doors open so you can see the aluminum inside and all the pretty spines from the books. Although it looks like I just threw them in there, I do have some organization to this set up. My entire Alice in Wonderland collection is filling up the right side :)

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