charleston pottery perfectly poached egg

My sister lived in Charleston for 3 years while she was in culinary school. While on a random trip to visit her, my mom bought this tiny egg poacher from a man at the farmers market. Little did we know that this tiny piece of art would turn out to be a breakfast game-changer.

After having a few poached eggs on toast at Lynny’s house and wasting several eggs on my own attempting to poach eggs [I just don’t have the gift], we ending up calling the Charleston Pottery guy and ordering 10 more. He has them in a variety of colors and designs – the blue ones are also a favorite.
The instructions are simple: 1. crack an egg into the poacher  2. add 1/2 teaspoon water  3. replace the lid  4. microwave for 30 seconds  — I’ve chosen to have mine on toasted multi-grain bread with havarti :)

If you’re interested in this no-mess egg poaching situation email or call 843-822-3498 :)

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