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Two years ago, a local nursery was closing its doors and I had a green moment and decided to purchase various indoor and outdoor plants. After about 6 months, the outdoor plants passed on to greener houses, but the indoor ones have, somehow,  managed to stay alive.  I don’t have the greenest of thumbs, so I’m kind of proud they’ve made it this long. Needless to say, indoor plants are easier to keep alive as opposed to the outdoor plants and this roller coaster ride that is Tennessee’s bizarre weather.

As my plants have grown larger, I’ve had a hard time finding ways to keep them and their giant pots off of the ground. When they’re on the ground, they take up so much more room. Therefore, I always keep my eye out for cool plant stands.  I’d say most look fairly granny-ish, so I was hoping to find something a bit more mid-century. Then I saw this photo:

YES. These aren’t vintage…but boy do they look like it! They’re from a company called Ferm Living and I am in love with them. If someone would like to purchase them for me, I’d be completely okay with that. 
I continued my search for something similar to the ones above and saw a few vintage ones on Etsy but, was discouraged at the price for such a simple piece of metal.  Then, I was checking in on my antique booths the other day and stumbled across two wire-y plant stands and scooped them both up. They’re nothing like the Ferm ones, but they have similar lines and will keep the plants off the ground, which is why we’re here in the first place, right?

One is larger and black and I knew I’d use it for my Norfolk Island Pine. 

I found a basket on sale at Harris Teeter [of all places] and sat the pine down into the basket in it’s original plastic planter. I love that it keeps it up off of the table where the kitties can’t make mud pies while we’re out of the house. The Norfolk Island Pine is my favorite because it’s so soft to the touch [despite what it looks like] and, like most evergreens, are reallllly hard to kill. 
The white planter was a little dingy, so I spray painted extra white and also bought a terra-cotta pot and painted it the same white color. I don’t have much white in my home [despite how drawn I am to Scandinavian design] so it’s nice to have this pop of bright amongst all the masculine and darker pieces. I planted my snake plant in this one because it looks so cool. I love the vertical shape of snake plants. 
I moved one of my oldest plants into the guest room in this galvanized bucket so that it’s perfectly situated next to the window at all times. He needs sunlight pretty regularly and this was the perfect spot to keep him alive. 
Finally, I bought a new cactus and planted him in this pretty pedestal bowl that Billy bought me from COLOR for Christmas a few years ago. I’ve used it for various things, but I love the way this looks. 
Fingers crossed I can maintain these guys!

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