postcards: Jackson, MS [a john pearson visit – part II]

This past weekend…after our Thanksgiving comas subsided, my friend Katie and I headed back down to Jackson, MS to visit our little man and his parents. John Pearson was born with HLHS and is in recovery after having several surgeries upon being born. We’ve been through a roller coaster the past few weeks, but he’s doing much better. Isn’t he the most handsome boy of all? Eyes open!

His parents are the epitome of the word “troopers”. They’ve been put through the ringer over the past few months and I was excited to be back down to see them. To keep up with them and their journey, but sure to read their blog:

To say I was excited to be back in Jackson is an understatement. My best friends are here and there is so much history.  Last time, Lynny and I stayed at the Old Capitol Inn and I fell head over heels. This time, we stayed a few blocks from Lauren and Wesley’s home in the adorable neighborhood called Belhaven. This was where Eudora Welty lived and home to The Fairview Inn – the most beautiful bed and breakfast of all.





Each room has its own decor and we chose to stay in the “Third Floor Suite” complete with its own staircase, double beds covered in toile comforters, and a jacuzzi tub + skylight combo.  I loved that we had our own staircase within the door of our room.




In the lobby of the hotel, they have a bar called The Library Lounge that is located in the actual library of this old, historic home. When we arrived late on Friday night…the bar was hopping. Lauren and Wesley said they’ve attended many a parties here…including a Gatsby-themed event.


Our main focus for coming down…was obviously to be with our best friend and be of extra assistance. My mother and I like to affectionately call this being “fairies”. Being a fairy means, letting the dog out to potty, bringing coffee and treats to the hospital, Christmas decor shopping, wine runs, and cleaning the house…all without being in the way.
After checking on little man and the parentals, Katie and stopped by Brent’s Drugs for some breakfast before beginning our fairy day. Coincidently, Brent just happen’s to be Katie’s husband’s name. Let’s just say…merchandise was purchased.





Don’t let the old soda-shop facade of Brent’s fool you. At night, in the back room, they have a speakeasy called The Apothecary. More information here and here. SO AWESOME.


Each morning we picked up coffee from a place called “Cups” for everyone.
Again, very adorable.




Also in this area of wonderfulness was a pink bakery called Campbells. They apparently have amazing breakfast…and we missed out when we attempted to go there on Sunday :( I look at this as just another reason to come back down in December.


Some of our fairy work…
Merry Christmas from the Clays!

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