postcards: Jackson, MS [a john pearson visit]

My mother and I drove down to Jackson, Mississippi this past weekend to check on some dear friends and the arrival of their new baby boy, John Pearson. We threw his Le Petit Prince baby shower a few months ago, if you recall.

John Pearson was diagnosed with HLHS a few months ago and since that time, it has been a journey for my friends to say the least. He’ll be having a few major surgeries in next few weeks/months…so moving forward, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. If you’d like to learn more about HLHS or their story in particular, visit their blog, The Chronicles of Clay.

John Pearson Clay – born 11.6.13 4lbs, 11oz

A little about our trip to Jackson…

On our way down to Jackson, we stopped in Birmingham and ate dinner at Highlands Bar & Grille. My dad texted us the name and told us we needed to grab a bite there. Little did we know that it was a James Beard Award-winning restaurant. I had quail and Lynny had red snapper. It was ridiculous. I highly recommend it if you’re in the Birmingham area.

Although Jackson is a small, capitol town. It has SO much character and history. Lauren and Wesley live in an area called Belhaven and I could truly set up shop in every. single. house. Eudora Welty lived two blocks over. How cool is that?

We wanted to stay somewhere closed to the hospital and to their house so we chose the Old Capitol Inn and we couldn’t have picked a better spot! It’s a small, boutique hotel located in an old YWCA. It hosts 24 suites each decorated by a different Mississippi interior designer. They also had a rooftop deck with a hot tub and an adorable courtyard complete with koi pond [our balcony was right above it].


door to our balcony

the view below

Although we didn’t get to visit this trip. My favorite spot for dinner in Jackson is a restaurant called Babalu. You should probably go eat there.

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