f r e n d s

I’ve never owned expensive musical equipment. However, this year was the year we [society and I] decided I was an adult. I mean, I’m one year from 30…so it’s about time. Needless to say, I received two very advanced musical accessories this year. One being my Bose bluetooth speaker [a birthday gift from Billy].

Secondly I received my first pair of REAL headphones: FRENDS 
I first saw them on Natalie Joos’ instagram and finally located some on Shop Jeen [which by the way, is insane and awesome]. I ordered them so I’d have some headphones for Europe and was very surprised by how well they traveled. They fold up into a pouch similar to Beats but look so luxurious with the white leather and rose gold caps. Not to mention, they’re so soft on your ears for extended wear. I highly recommend.

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