anthropologie accessories

This past Monday was my Italian Godmother’s birthday and we celebrated by grabbing lunch at Food Co. in Green Hills…followed by the mall and a movie. The cute part about this luncheon was the present my mom gave my godmother. It was a little compact mirror that had “Il Mio Maiale Favorito Da Inferno” [my favorite pig from hell] in Italian engraved across the front. My mother refers to her as a pig from hell…in an endearing sort of way. It’s cute, okay?

After lunch, we ended up at The Green Hills Mall to shop around.  We wound up in the new Anthropologie accessories store located near the Apple Store annddddd it was gorgeous. I’m in love. That is all.

vintage shades
probably the most unbelievable piece of jewelry…ever.

little one…+ cool hooks
carrier bags
how they wrapped my treasures…


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