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I’ve slacked off blogging this week because I haven’t much to discuss. There are only so many posts filled with pictures of fashion and casa perfection. In personal news, all my little business endeavors are taking up the perfect amount of time – not too much and not too little. I’m juuussssst busy enough. In addition to editing, writing, and antique-ing,  I have also chosen to become an English tutor. I will be working with illiterate adults through and I meet my student on Monday. Her name is Soheir and she’s from Egypt.

I’ve also started reading books regularly again – which feels nice. I didn’t realize how much books meant to me. Obviously I collect certain ones, but it feels good to have a book in my purse at all times like I used to. Stories create the perfect escape where I’ll return to reality hours later as if no time has elapsed. I just finished An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin. It was an easy read about the art world in the mid 1990s in NYC. Any book about New York immediately has me hooked because it puts me back there. I’ve also decided upon reading this that [once I finally finish all these fence payments] I’m going to invest in my first big-girl piece of art. I’m thinking it will be the duck painting I spoke of from Two Moon Gallery if they still have it there.

And Steve Martin? I’m utterly impressed by this multi-faceted man. I’ve loved him ever since Father of the Bride – mainly because he reminds me of my father. I love watching old video footage of him on SNL and enjoy the fact that he plays the banjo…in a band. He has authored several previous books including Shopgirl which I read in highschool…or maybe college? They later adapted it into a screenplay and eventually it became a film starring Claire Danes…I think? Anyway, it was a great book.

Being 26 has finally hit me and I’ve caught myself trying to get things done that I would usually put off…because, well, life is short. I’ve noticed that my attic is growing exceedingly full by the second and I’m considering to finally have a yard sale this Spring. I used to be somewhat of a hoarder but not everything can be sentimental. In the mean time, here is a random assortment of inspirational photos that have tugged on my little heartstrings as of late…

Off to eat filet and corn on the cob with my honey bunny.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have been dying to have a yard sale for the past year. Since I have no yard … it hasn't happened. I would love to be included in this spring yard sale you speak of … the dogs can play in the back yard while people judge the crap we don't want anymore.


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