I’ve always wanted to have dinner parties. And by dinner party, I mean perfect table settings on the perfect table with the perfect guests engaging in the perfect conversation. The food, of course, will be something that I pretend to have just “whipped up” but really I’d been preparing all day. However, for all of these things to happen, I must have a table in which my guests could sit at. Although my attempted food will be fancy and the decorations will be adorable, I’m wanting my table as more of a rustic picnic in my dining room as opposed to a stuffy table with high-backed chairs. Which is where my new friend, Luke comes into play. I found him on craigslist. He will be making me a 5 ft long dark wood farm table for my dining room, complete with bench seats. 

Hopefully it will be completed next week and I’ll throw parties that look like this…

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