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The magazine that I currently write for, recently decided to use less copy and more visuals to attract readership. This means, less words for me to write and more photography. Apparently, our educated society isn’t as partial to written word as it once was. I have a bittersweet feeling towards this concept. I, for one, have noticed a change in my own blog. What was once a place for me to daily practice my writing skills, has become a forum of photos – where pictures tell my story and words are almost obsolete. However, I do miss writing. In regards to the magazine, I’m sad because I will rarely get the opportunity to write the lengthy articles or interviews I had grown accustomed to. But perhaps, this has become a trend in my life and obviously in others around me?

Then I noticed that I hadn’t read a book in months [maybe even a year-ish]. I thought for a moment because surely I was mistaken, but, no. I seriously haven’t read a book in almost a year. I mean, I am/was a self-declared book worm. Growing up, I would read every night before I fell asleep. I collect vintage books for goodness sake. Am I stimulated more by photos and art than by words? I call myself a writer and a book worm, but have I simply become lazy? Have our readers? Needless to say, my apologies for the lack of words. I’m off to read a book. Is it bad that my choice will probably be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Shockingly enough, I have to add a photo. Here is a picture of my newly purchased typewriter that Bill won for me at one of my recent auctions. Please disregard the outrageous amount dust…it didn’t show up until the flash hit it jussst right.

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