nylon loves nashville

Amongst my favorite magazines – New York Magazine, Garden & Gun Magazine, and Real Simple [I have a little domestic-ness inside of me] – is my favorite indie fashion mag, Nylon Magazine. I fell in love with this magazine my sophomore year of college and never looked back. The artwork and layouts are unique and brilliant. I love the blurby articles that touch on nostalgic movies and books and still seem to tie fashion in there somewhere. Their stylists are genius and correctly mix street fashion with the runways. It’s young, intelligent, and in tune with music as much as clothing. This past month, they wrote about the coolest cities in the US – Nashville being one of them. I was on my way to Boston when I finally opened up the issue – only to discover several people, places, and bands I’ve come in contact with in the past. It made me proud. Amongst the list: Nashville’s Dead, Halcyon Bike Shop, Imogene + Willie, Heavy Cream [my friend Andrew’s little sister’s band – I cannot believe it], Burger Up, Athens, Ten Out of Tenn, and Mas Tacos. I have written an article for Nashville Lifestyles about Burger Up, did an interview with Trent Dabbs from Ten out of Tenn for Nashville Lifestyles, and an article on Madi Diaz from Ten Out of Tenn for Fringe Magazine. I also like to eat Mas Tacos annnnd Athens is right beside my house. It’s nice to have national coverage of my home that I love so much. Yay Nashville.

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