postcards: boston, ma

I love nothing more than to travel. If I won the lottery, I would buy a beautiful sailboat and live on it with Bill. I would name it something really clever and we [Bill, the boat, and I] would sail around the entire world. Although I don’t have my boat yet, nor do I buy lottery tickets, I can still find ways to see the world… a little bit at a time.

This week, I made a trip up to bean town to indulge in some clam chowder, historical adventures, and vintage books. My travel buddy, Katie, had a few vacation days to use up and I’m always up for a trip. Unfortunately, I caught a cold the morning of our flight and it almost ruined our little jaunt [did you know that Boston doesn’t have walk-in clinics? we’re so spoiled in the South]. I found a lovely pharmacist that gave me “happy medicine” and indeed it was.

Our first night, we were tired from traveling so we decided on simply eating at the oldest restaurant in the country, The Union Oyster House. No big deal. Our hotel was near Faneiul Hall and Quincy Market, so we walked through it on our way to the restaurant. It was beautifully lit at night. At Union, we had the seafood platter and cups of clam chowder. This was the best clam chowder I had the entire trip and I had a lot.

Our first full day, we subway-ed it out to Cambridge to visit Harvard’s campus.  We walked around like we went to school there and visited the bookstore to purchase some crimson gear. We then headed back into the city to shop Charles Street – which had numerous antique stores and adorable shops. Afterwards, we bolted to Fenway Park only to be led around the stadium VIP style for the last tour of the day. I highly recommend this tour because of how surprisingly interesting the stories and facts are about the  this franchise. The tour guide was FULL of information and the history is amazing. That night, we ate at the most amazing restaurant called Neptune Oyster Bar. We ordered the warm lobster rolls which consist of a warm roll [duh], gobs of lobster meat, and butter. After eating this I felt…spoiled. I’ve never had anything like this in my life. The amounts of delicious lobster meat in each bite cannot be topped.
The last day, we went to Salem where I was sorely disappointed in the Witch Museum. The town was adorable and everyone seemed to embrace the witch folklore and freakishly take part in spell-making and cauldrons, etc. However, the witch museum was a joke – oh well! I love you Boston…see you soon!

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