fish tacos, jack white, and spruce

The other day, I met a few friends at Local Taco in Brentwood because I couldn’t get the ridiculously delicious fish tacos out of my head. I had had them earlier in the week and, well, they’re just that good. Whilst dining on the outdoor patio, I look up to see Jack White walking into the restaurant…and my eyes immediately began to water.

I’ve never had a hard time speaking with celebrities in the past but I’ve previously admitted that Jack would be the one person that would make me have a hard time. What do you say to Jack White? He’s too cool – which makes my eyes water when he walks into a restaurant in which I’m currently located. Aside from the fact that I was too scared to look in his direction, it was exciting and, besides the fish tacos, it made my day.

But that wasn’t the point of this posting – it just made my heart pound, and therefore: shareable. The point was to discuss what happened afterward. Afterwards, I walked over to my favorite Brentwood boutique called Spruce and decided that I should probably share it with the world because it is deee-lightful. It’s located right off of Church Street in Brentwood and has a lot of the design aesthetics I would use in my own home if I had a million dollars…if i had a million dollarsssss [barenaked ladies…come on, people]. I loved these pillow and the ikat ottoman [pronounced eeee-cot not eye-cat].

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