wine. wagon wheels. zebras.

This Friday I had the absolute best day. It began with a trip to Arrington Vineyards for my first visit. I have to admit that, for a winery in the middle of Tennessee, not. that. bad. Obviously the views weren’t equivilent to Napa Valley but the wine was unbelievably delicious. Carlye, Rachel and I sat on a picnic bench and finished a bottle of white and then moved on to a bottle of red. It was perfect…and so was the weather. Afterwards, we went to the flea market and I ended up buying two wagon wheels for The Burlap Rabbit. We were rushed because of how late we went in the day and I would have loved to stay for about 5 or 6 more hours. I love it there. Afterwards, we attended my highschool’s Friday night football game to watch Carlye’s beau ref the game. It was fun “boo-ing” the zebra. I love Fridays in the fall :)

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