DIY bathroom rug

I like DIY[do it yourself] projects – especially projects with a budget. Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way you’d hoped so it’s better to have not spent an arm and a leg on supplies. Luckily, this project was under $30 – $14 for the chenille rug [Target ReStyle] and $12 for paint and supplies from Home Depot. For the rug, you’ll want to purchase a flat weave as opposed to a carpet-style loop weave. It needs to be something the paint can stick to…not sink into. You’ll also need to buy two different [but similar] hues of latex paint. I went with two of Martha Stewart’s colors from Home Depot in Sea Glass and Teal because I was giving this final product to Katie for her bathroom…and we all know she has a Martha Stewart and teal problem. The samples [which run around $2.50 a bottle] are more than enough to complete this project. Obviously you’ll also need a paintbrush and painters tape to tape off your design.

I was doing this project for our November issue of the magazine which is why I had Katie there taking her professional photos…and help me tape and paint. Projects are so much more fun with friends.

I chose to do a chevron zig-zag inspired design – alternating the colors each line. We used a dry brush stroke method which is similar to dabbing with a sponge. This leaves a faded look to the paint and the white chenille still comes through in specks.

We had a hard time not pulling the tape off before finishing because we were so excited to see how it would turn out…HURRY!

Finished product!

Tune in next month when we decide to tackle a ribbon-inspired lamp shade! 

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