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After participating in my fun-filled, week-long disappearance to the big apple…it’s back to the grind with piles of styling, writing, closet, and antique jobs that MUST get done THIS WEEK. Just to add to the current ulcer growing in my stomach, I should probably throw in a baby shower for good measure. Today’s line-up consists of shopping for a client, finishing up a DYI project for the November issue of the magazine, picking up a newly re-upholstered chair out in Leipers Fork [pics to come], taking new antique finds over to the Burlap Rabbit, and decorating for my favorite time of the year – Halloween! I’m not complaining, I love my plethora of random jobs.

In other news…what I’m sick of hearing about? Leopard. Don’t get me wrong, I love leopard prints. My blackberry is currently encased in a leopard-print case – however – people are blogging like the iconic print was recently invented. We get it, we get it – leopard is BACK this season. Anything a bit more interesting or new?

loving DSquared’s knife pleats – sexy, yet androgynous.

As for my latest inspirations? I’ve grown partial to the distressed, yet comforting look of burlap [I don’t see how this could come as a shock]. I see upcoming sewing/upholstery projects in my future…

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  1. me too!! i love burlap! i found some old rice sacks at an antique store for five dollars a couple of weeks ago. I bought them but have yet to do anything with them. thanks for the inspiration! – katie

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