mason jars

When I purchased this house five years ago, I was left little clues that let me into the lives of the previous owners.  I’ve gathered from tiny details that Mrs. Mary Chester was quite short. In the bathroom she had her own soap dish…a few feet below his. On the front door, there is one peep hole for him to look through, and one for her…about a foot below his. On my back porch, there is a pulley system where they would pull their groceries up the stairs so she wouldn’t have to carry them. How cute is that? I’m absolutely fascinated by this little old man and his innovative way to make his wife more comfortable.

After they passed away, their children sold their home to me but left a few things in the attic: vintage Christmas decorations – which I happily use every year, and TONS of mason jars. I had always thought they were cool, but never really went through them to see if there were any pretty ones. It’s not like they were going anywhere. Yesterday, I decided to finally take a peek and as it turns out – they were LOVELY. I took a few over to my booth yesterday to sell and kept a bunch of the gorgeous ones for myself. Funnily enough, I found THIS post by The Pioneer Woman after climbing down from the attic. I’ll let her explain the beauty of a mason jar – she does a better job! Enjoy.

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