the burlap rabbit

I really look like my mom. If it weren’t for her…I would definitely look like an alien amongst all the other green-eyed Rutledges running around. Not only do I look like her, but I’m really sweet – just like her. Okay, I’m not that sweet, but we laugh the same cackle-y laugh and we excessively worry the same. We also like a lot of the same things – like antiques and shopping for antiques and old things [antiques].

Therefore, I’m excited to discuss yet another new business venture that I’ve started with my mother! We opened a booth at my favorite place in the world…[besides home depot, but coincidentally right beside it] THE GASLAMP ANTIQUE MALL! The name of our booth is The Burlap Rabbit. There is a slight theme of burlap with hints of rabbits and I suppose we’ll also throw a few antiques into the mix. I love decorating and merchandising and my mom. Come visit B319 next week!
vintage laundry hamper – our first purchase :)

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