There are lots of artsy fun things happening in Nashville right now. In addition to the fashion-y Frist Center extravaganza[which I – shamefully – haven’t attended yet], there is the Chihuly exhibit at Cheekwood which is a series of large, glass installments spread throughout the gardens and inside the mansion, itself. My favorite part was the video shown in the carriage house that shows how Chihuly and his team create these giant, magical pieces. This would be a great date night, ladies and gents [alcohol is also served]. My favorite? I had a hard time choosing between the large glass onions floating in the pond and the boat with color bursts overflowing into the water. You decide.

I call this: “Large Phalic-shaped Object”

floating onions!

the boat! my favorite.

the sun!

for more information, visit: CHIHULY!


  1. Anonymous

    I am super impressed with your camera/photography skills! I'm going to have to get a camera like yours … my little one is shot!

    Email me that first photo of us … love it!

    Love you!

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