1. ahhhhh hello jordan….all dark and depressing….lets see some girlie rooms please!

  2. okay, first off the first picture is full of light. the second picture, the kitchen is adorable. I love the chalkboard paint on the cabinets. who doesn't like a juxtaposition of black on red on white? The third photo has a bathtub…in the bedroom, on the floor. need i say more? okay, the fourth picture may be a bit dark and gloomy but I love the light fixture and the mid century/modern looking rocking chairs amongst what looks like a castle dungeon. not your everyday dining table if you ask me. and finally, the couch? I HAVE TO HAVE IT.

    DEAL WITH IT. life isn't all cupcakes and marzipan, trazy.

  3. ok … its your blog but….

    the first picture is light yes but thats about all i can say for it

    the second picture…please the last time i wrote on a chalkboard i was in St. Ann's school and a nun was yelling at me

    the third picture…looks like a prison room…who cares about the sunken bathtub…the room is drab

    the fourth picture…i will give you the light fixture…but the room is crawling with bugs…i can tell

    and the couch is dark and cold in that room…

    now give me something i can work with please!!!!!

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