puppy tales

This past Saturday, I decided to adopt not one, but two puppies…and life has changed, drastically. They are brother and sister and couldn’t be more opposite. I named the girl Flower from the movie Bambi [black/white…skunk-looking – if you haven’t seen the movie, I can’t help you]. She is very energetic 24/7. When she gets sleepy, she likes to cuddle but ONLY THEN! Her head is tiny and she has enormous paws. I named the boy Bowser [that’s right, from Mario Kart] – okay The Boy actually named Bowser, but I loved the name and agreed with him. He is the chillest dog there is. He loves to lay sprawled out on the cold floor and observe. He’s my little oompa loompa because his legs are very short and his body is extra long – combine that with a large head and you’ve got my puppy! It’s weird to love something[s] so much that cause so much destruction. However, finally we [the pups and I] have gotten into a pretty good potty/feeding/sleeping routine and I’m loving it. Needless to say, I’ve been a little distracted…

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  1. Anonymous

    i can't deal with how cute your puppies are. i want oonneeeee.

    love lo

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