i spy…

I follow many-a-blogs but, one I love in particular is “It Looks Good To Me” mainly because her use of watercolors. I love the color in her prints and fortunately for me, she has a print shop! I would really like this fuzzy bunny print…I’ll hang it in my dining room. Or maybe, my kitchen. Or maybe in my bathroom…hmm…

I love a good weekender and/or carryall. I don’t even buy suitcases anymore. I just have a plethora of weekenders. This canvas/leather combo is perfect for me because it has structure for packing and repacking [my favorite] and that large strap is key. Go to the Billy Kirk website to see the views of the inside – it has pockets and things. My only problem is keeping that white canvas clean…very tricky.
I discovered Fanny Bostrom a while back when I was “blog-hopping” and came upon her illustrations and paintings. I like them a lot and would love to own a few of her prints. She recently just printed these Folki Tees and I would like this one in yellow, please. Thank You.

I really like this print. I would hang it right by my backdoor so people would laugh when they came in. Either that, or maybe, they would feel really threatened and keep their purse by their side at all times…just like my grandmother does. Hilarious. I also really like their Tea Towels…I specifically like the one that says “I’ll Wash, You Dry” – how sweet is that?
I love Jonathan Adler with all my heart and soul. Everything on his website was made specifically for me and I really appreciate it. Therefore, I was overjoyed when he created this giraffe lamp. I haven’t received my special copy in the mail yet [something about payment…nonsense] so I’ll let you know when it has replaced the current iron lamp structure that is residing on my bedside table.

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