postcards: NYC day trip

Oh, hello there. I apologize for not posting, but it was for all good reasons. Where have I been? Last Thursday, I flew up to NYC with my father for the day. He had a meeting and I decided it was appropriate to invite myself along and jump on the plane. It was nice to get a few hours in the city to wander around and catch up with some old buddies. I made a little trip to Top Shop…and maybe one more to H&M before heading back. I purchased myself some un-birthday presents – which was delightful. That night when I got home, I went to Cannery Ballroom to see Deertick and Dr. Dog perform with my sweet boy. It was a great night…I bought a t-shirt. Dr. Dog is psychadelic live and I really loved the lighting they used. In addition to Mother’s Day on Sunday, it was Steeplechase weekend and due to poor SPF choices [I applied no sunscreen] I’m now a tomatoey red color…fading into a salmon/lobster palette. Perfect… Hopefully after this week, my life [and my skin color] will be back to normal…lots of EYC shenanigans and lots of writing deadlines. Life is good.

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