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What I’m about to tell you contradicts everything that I’ve previously claimed to have wanted or…not wanted? Great opening line, right? Let me explain…if you know me at all, you know that children aren’t on the top of my priority list. I can’t count the number of times I’ve yelled in frustration [mainly to terrorize my mother] “I’m never having children…EVER!” However, I’m sure once I settle down and tie the knot all these rebellious opinions will begin to fizzle out. We’ll see. In addition to these said feelings, I’ve also stated that if I were to have children…I would prefer boys to girls. From what I’ve heard, boys are just the easier gender and from my experience, tend to have less drama-filled lives. With all of this said…why do I subconciously keep planning for a little girl?
In addition to all my favorite baby names being girl names, I have also made other girly preparations. Crazy girly preparations. Now, I’m not knocking on my mother [because I think she’s fabulous in every single way] but she didn’t save ANY of her clothing from the 70’s and 80’s that I would really really like to have in my possession. Specifically, I’d love some old t-shirts and maybe a few dresses – but, no. She didn’t keep a single thing. Therefore, I’ve started an “archive” for my daughter. That’s right. I have saved articles of clothing that meant something to me in some way but aren’t necessarily in style anymore OR they simply don’t fit anymore [sniff]. As of right now, it’s two, filled rubbermaid bins, but I hope to one day have it all hanging up in a closet or something. Call me crazy…but my future daughter [that has no chance of existing] is going to hit the jackpot someday.

In addition to the archives, I also have created an inspiration book that I’ve been adding to since around 2004. It has fashion and style selections from magazines and life that I’ve found lovely over the years. I hope it can, somewhat, give “her” a glimpse into this crazy world of the 2000’s. Here’s a peek…
that shoe is a manolo blahnik circa sex and the city [2004] on lo’s foot

Someone was fiddling around with her scanner tonight…

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  1. Anonymous

    joey, you can give it to my daughter.. if you don't have one. hopefully i won't have one either though…hmmm

    love lo

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