the building of my library

I could lost myself in a used/rare bookstore – for HOURS. It’s an appropriate time for me to practice a little escapism because I always lose track of time. One minute, I’m flipping through a book about practicing manners (I’m not kidding) and the next thing you know – it’s three hours later and I’m sitting cross-legged in the childrens section laughing at book titles. Like this one…
I also love vintage reference books where the flowers/animals are illustrated. Currently, I’m really interested in the circus, medieval times, human anatomy, the sea/sealife, hispanic cultures, and all plants and animals. Find me a used book on any of those topics and I’ll probably buy it.

Last week, after the dog show, Shmamer and I went to Bodacious Books on West End. Bodacious, you say? Yea, the name makes me immediately take a mental jump to a surfer “dude” with long locks throwing up a “hang ten” gesture. However, the contents speak no such genre. The place is filled with old, vintage, gorgeous books and lots of globes [I guess the owner has a thing for globes].

That day, I bought a large reference book about the circus with AMAZING pictures in it and I also purchased “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady” which was basically a journal about this woman’s garden – complete with illustrations and gardening tips. Very happy about both of these purchases…

This past week, I went by Landmark Booksellers in Franklin – which was recommended to me by The Boy’s mother and has turned out to be my favorite. The man that runs the store remembers me when I visit there now and always shows me new Arthur Rackham books he has received. I told him I’ve been interested in the circus ever since I read “Water for the Elephants” by Sara Gruen. Shmamer recommended it to me and you should all read it. It is great for the guys AND the gals. While at Landmark I purchased these three books below:
this was a rare, first edition from 1801 about the circus…amazing.

Johnny now collects Archibald Rutledge books – a writer from South Carolina whose books consist of outdoor living and hunting. Ernest Seton-Thompson is no different. I love the illustrations in this book called “Lives of the Hunted”

As I mentioned before, I love old reference books about all things fauna. This book is amazing. I love the wildlife on the front and the illustrations inside :)


  1. Jordan- although I've never read the book Toby Tyler, it was one of my all-time favorite movies as a kid (mostly because it had a chimpanzee in it). You should check it out.

    Also Landmark is awesome.


  2. Just so you know, I am starting a book on my life. As such, I am guessing this will fall into your hispanic cultures section.. Do not worry I will send you a copy. I mean it is the least I could do.

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