please make it stop

anthropologie march 2010

Damn you, J. Crew and Anthropologie catalogs for your ridiculously talented stylists and beautiful clothing choices. Receiving your catalog is the highlight of my monthly mail intake, and yet, feels a bit like torture while reading. I can’t begin to express the feelings of want that are furiously filling my mind as I peruse your visually stimulating magazines. It’s unbearable – please, stop it.

j. crew / anthropologie march 2010
j. crew march 2010

Also, how cute is crewcuts? Crewcuts is the children’s section of the j. crew catalog – photo below. Adorable. Also…I know we’re currently discussing how annoyingly wonderful anthropologie and j. crew catalogs are – but how lovely is this leather chair from restoration hardware? I need it. Thanks.

crew cuts / restoration hardware

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