project for the day!

When I purchased my house, the previous owners left random things in the attic for me to find. They left Christmas decorations from the 1960s – which are amazing. I use the ornaments each year and they also left really cute matches inside santa-shaped boxes. The cumbersome item also left in the attic (besides the furry squirrels) are the boxes upon boxes of mason jars.
I like old things and I also love decorating with glass so I have perused the interwebs in search of an easy project with mason jars and finally found one that I loved! You simply cut a hole in the aluminum top and place a light fixure that you can purchase at home depot (consisting mainly of bulb socket and AC plug at the other end). For different look, try vintage-inspired bulbs. Screw a ceiling hook into the ceiling and loop the cord through the hook and VOILA! Mason Jar Light Fixture!

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