wild turkey

This past friday, the NWTF (National Wild Turkey Federation) convention came to Nashville’s Opryland Hotel. Needless to say, Johnny and I were ready to go play and possibly buy some things. This convention was unlike anything I’ve seen before. I’ve been to the knife and gun shows, but this was almost like a different culture unto itself…

People were lining up to meet “The Bone Collector” and get his autograph because of his successful hunting videos. There were raffles to win shotguns, and you could test-drive the new Chevy SUVs and trucks. In addition to that, there were booths selling home-made hunting supplies. It is basically like your typical flea market, but instead of vintage finds and newly-made crafts, they have camo, jerky, and guns.

There were hundreds of booths where men had carved their own wooden box calls, lots of jerky sampling (I purchased some elk sausage), and four-wheelers galore. I had a lot of fun with my dad and ended up with some new camo overalls and lots of koozies and stickers (they were handing them out at each booth). Here are some photos from our crazy time at the convention.

buying jerky and sausage / jack ass jalapenos – yikes.
sarge truck I’d like to own / jamie mcmurray’s bass pro car (he just won the daytona 500)
some of the wildlife booths – large game, LARGE bear
While my dad was testing out jacked-up golf carts…I was snapping photos of people like this guy (check out that mustache with the curls – impressive).
fire pit I’d like to own / the newest garbs for hunting…aren’t they gorgeous?

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