no barkin from tha dogs, no smog

I will give $7,654,321 [or a high-five] to the 1st person that can name the song and the artist from the lyrics above -without cheating! Who are my fellow hip-hop fans out there?
But seriously, today was a good day. I woke up this morning and my mother had sent her cleaning lady over to give my house a whirl. It was delightful. I hadn’t cleaned my kitchen floors in a while…and they truly needed it. My house now smells lemon-y fresh. Ahhh. Also, I finished my article today, which is always the BEST feeling + It was my 1 year anniversary with Nashville Lifestyles which is exciting. I have really enjoyed writing for them so far.
What else has put me in such a chipper mood? Oh…just the little things in life:
1) I have the entire house to myself to sit on the couch and jobsearch/watch The Office on Netflix…on Xbox. It’s amazing what technology is capable of these days – goodbye, blockbuster video.
2) Probably one of my favorite things to do is go to our family’s farm. I love being outside and surrounded by nature as much as possible. It’s fun to build a fire and hang out with my buddies. Today, I sent my father a formal request to reserve the farm for later this month, to which he replied, “of course.” I’ll probably need this Cath Kidston Tent in case there isn’t enough room in the cabin…someone PLEASE buy me this. no seriously.

2.5) I ordered this laptop case today from Twelve South. It is sneaky and amazing.
3) Desire to Inspire is one of my favorite blogs to read. Each Monday, they do a “Pets on Furniture” post where people email photos of their pets on pretty pieces of furniture. I love animals, I love furniture…I want my dog on this post. Today the writer emailed me to let me know that Buck made the cut and will be featured next monday! My dog is famous.
4) I wanted to start rock-climbing. My mother sent me a “groupon” email that stated the following: $15 for a Rock-Climbing Lesson, Rental Gear, and Two-Day Pass at The Crag at Cool Springs. Katie, Carlye, and I will be there tomorrow.
5) After rock-climbing…LOST (I know, I know…but I just can’t help myself).
6) Dinner with the boy tonight…I like him.
Hopefully, everyone is having just as fantastic of a Monday.

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  1. Jo – I totally LOVE rock climbing & Cath Kidston. Were you playing mind tricks on me or did we just become even BETTER BESTEST FRIENDS?!?!?!?!

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