i should be writing my article…

We received our second snowfall of 2010 and it was a much larger amount of precipitation than before. Again, adults turned to children and every night became “sledding night.” Over the course of three days, I went sledding at Ellington Agricultural Center, Capital Hill, Trimble Rd, and Seven Hills and Old Natchez Golf Course. Capital Hill was the best by far, but it took the longest to climb back to the top…

On an entirely different note…I have found the most glorious chair ever. I need it in my life. This chair further exemplifies my love for the sea and the creatures swimming in it. My mother sent me the website for a store in Laguna Beach called Tuvalu. This store is the current home of my chair…but it will be making its way across the country very shortly. Also, I added pictures of two bathrooms that I love: I want the pirate ship chandelier in the left photo and the mosaic, coral tiles in the right. amazing.

my lovely chair


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