love is in the air…a tad bit early

My mother is the sweetest person in the world [I’m not saying this because I know she occasionally reads this]. She truly is the sweetest lady in the world. I am also not saying that I don’t have the capability to be nice, but I definitely didn’t inherit her gift of natural sweetness. I refer to her as Pollyanna because she can occasionally become an box full of cliche social antidotes which isn’t so much annoying as it is…sweet? Geez.

However, some things I did inherit from her: brown eyes and hair, her cackling laugh, her love of the ocean and the creatures in it, her sense of worry-ness, her booty [she-she-she get it from her mama], and her insane love of any and all holiday paraphernalia.
We have two attics at my parents house. One is for things that no longer suit my mother’s decorating needs for the house; a graveyard of furniture, books, and bric-a-brac. The other attic houses all of my mothers holiday decorations…and there are thousands. Halloween, Christmas, and Easter vomited all over this room and I hope to someday take it ALL.
Needless to say…I’ve been in a bit of a tween-holiday lull and I had to take action. Therefore, I decorated my living room with some paper cut-outs and a rather abstract (if I do say so myself) heart made from nails and red wool yarn that I purchased from Textile Fabrics a while back. Happy Early Valentines Day!
I also already purchased, wrote, and sealed my valentines that I’m sending out this year. They’re vintage and a tad bit creepy – which makes them all the more entertaining for me. Be sure to check your mailbox on Valentines Day…you could be the proud owner of one of these puppies…

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  1. I think your mom would be honored that you think she is sweet!!
    She thinks you are!

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