fish and chips

Oh my goodness, once upon a time…there was a girl named Joey that travelled to New York City to discover herself. And discover herself, she did. She took a job at Betsey Johnson and fell in love with a rugby team called NYM. The team was full of foreign men with lovely accents and it was also where she met a very nice Welshman by the name of Chris Martin.
They became friends instantly and shared their love of marinara sauce & Ghostbusters (one and two). She also learned that Welsh are not English – they speak their own language and like rugby more than football (soccer). After Chris’s holiday in the states ended (a.k.a. his visa ran out) their friendship was put on pause for about 8 months until Joey decided it was time for a visit to the U.K.
She visited the lovely town of Aberystwyth (spelling?) where Chris hails and learned a thing or two about the Welsh dragons. After Joey’s departure, Chris began planning his trip back to the United States to keep the friendship afloat (not to mention he’d never really travelled around this vast country). A road trip, perhaps? WHY YES! A roadtrip across the United States…starting in Nashville, TN. The End.
Not really “The End” but I’m done with the fairy tale version of the story. Basically, Chris and six of his friends from the U.K. invaded my house last Thursday and it has been a whirlwind of craziness. I took them to the honky-tonk bars, scheduled a U.K. vs U.S.A. volleyball match (victory u.s.a.), took them to the the farm, took them to the Titans game, and threw them a MASSIVE Halloween party that resulted in three days of cleaning to follow.

U.K. Volleyball

knights of the round table

titan up

lets go titans
I feel as though I fulfilled my duties as a proper host and was sad to see them go…next stop? Wales. Soon. Happy Halloween, everyone :)

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