Twenty-five years ago I came into this world…by way of Montgomery, AL. I’m not sure exactly why I was chosen to be born an Alabamian…but I don’t claim it. I’m a Nashvillian. It’s weird to be at the halfway mark to my 30s (I, of course, mean halfway mark in my twenties – I know that 15 is halfway to 30 – geez). I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure from in all aspects of my life – about how much I should already have accomplished by this age. But I see 25 as still so very young. I’m not ready to grow up yet – well not entirely. I’m still enjoying this life that was given to me. Things will happen when they’re supposed to. On that note…I just received the Beatles Rockband for my birthday – if you live in the (615) area code…lets jam.

Listen to: Run This Town – Jay Z (feat. Rihanna and Kanye)

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