a desk with character

This past friday, the parental units, carlye, and I hit up the TN State Fairgrounds in search of a desk for my bedroom.  Although easily distracted by the other random treasures found at the Flea Market (dartboards, vintage radios, iron cauldrons, and the like), I stayed pretty on-task and ended up finding a REALLY old desk for the wonderful price of $85.  It’s an old wood with stains from previous owners and it has a secret compartment that I will be hiding top-secret items in.  It’s really really cool.

my beautiful desk

my secret compartment
Apparently after I went to purchase some brackets for some shelves I’m building, my mother told me that two people came up to the desk offering to buy it.  An interior decorator told her she would have paid double what we had paid because of how much ”character” the desk had. This makes me even more happy about the purchase. whooo hoo. p.s. drew this mean’s the desk currently residing in your L.E.S. apartment is 100% yours :)

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