right na na na

I’m officially moved back into the house of Pleasant Valley…and it’s awkward.  I instinctively moved into a different room as to not “re-live the past” but it somehow still feels like I am.  I mean this not in a negative way…it’s just weird being back. That’s all.  I am excited about having a bath tub though – I bought bubble bath today. Like a child.  And although it’s only been a few days, it’s been fun living with my insane sister (we’ve been getting along quite well).  If she steals my clothes…they’re just right down the hall and I can steal them right back!

I’ve started decorating and it’s coming along nicely.  Only downfall…I want banana leaf wall paper which apparently costs a bazillion dollars.  It’s tacky…in an awesome way – but apparently tacky ain’t cheap.  Oh well…back to the drawing boards. p.s. I can’t wait for easter weekend when alllllll of my friends come into town. wooo.

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