postcards: crested butte, colorado

I’ve spent the past five days “getting back on the bike” in Crested Butte, Colorado.  This was a last-minute skiing trip (those are the best) with my travel buddy, Katie Horrell…plus a few others.  Joining us on our journey were Dillon Wilcher (Crested Butte connoisseur), John Christopher (Katie’s quick-witted, sarcastic brother), and Ana (JC’s pocket-sized, Romanian girlfriend).  Blake Goodman also made a surprise visit from Aspen for the last two days of our snow-filled experience.  

As for the views…I’ve been to several places in Colorado (i.e. Steamboat, Keystone, Breckenridge, Colorado Springs) and while Steamboat may be my favorite town…Crested Butte has the best views I’ve ever seen.  I would walk out of the condo everyday and question if what I was looking at was really real.  Besides the breathe-taking (literally we couldn’t breathe) altitude and my ridiculous fall I had on the first day,  it was an amazing trip!  Where to next?  

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  1. Anonymous

    California? Hawaii with Dillon? Spain (Valencia is my fav)? Maine? Washington Sate? ….
    just a few suggestions… haha
    Got another furlough coming up!


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