the slow and simple life

My first week back in Nashville has been an adjustment…

1) The Obvious Slower Pace:  I never realized how laid back life was down here.  I miss the 24 hour conveniency of New York and reality still hasn’t truly set in that I don’t live there anymore.  2) I Live With My Parents Again:  HELLO. I haven’t done this in 6 years.  3) Everyone I Know Is Seriously In A Relationship: NO SERIOUSLY…I really don’t know what I’m going to do. 4) Drama. When you’ve been away from constant drama, returning to it’s melting pot can be quite overwhelming. I forgot about all that silly, girl nonsense.
dash and prince
Since I’ve been back, I’ve enjoyed…
1) The face that I already have articles due…. 2) I have two of the hottest cats in the whole world (one is purple). 3) I have so much more room – no 10 x 10 bedrooms. 4) I can see all the people I love on a daily basis (except for a few yanks, obviously) 5) Southern food is delicious. 6) Everything is much cheaper – especially food 7) I like driving…and I do that now.
By the way people who write things like this are awesome:
”J-Rut, it’s the Butt reporting to you live from a blizzard of salt, landing on freshly repaired purple asphalt, halting the production of liquor of malt. The weather is sicker than sick, semi-similar to catching Tularemia (Rabbit Fever) from and unidentified tick. Unfortunately I’m out the door so put it up on the board cause I just scored.” -Drew Bottalico telling me the recent happenings in NYC…in his own words

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