postcards: leaving NYC for Nashville

Without sounding too dramatic, I would say that the past five days have been very pivotal,  exciting, and yet overwhelmingly bittersweet.  As I sit here in Nashville, feeling very uprooted, I can’t help but wonder what’s next?  But before I can even think about delving into the future…lets talk about recent happenings. Wednesday, Katie came up to NYC to assist me in the emotional process of packing up and moving to Nashville.  Unfortunately, amongst all the moving preparations, I became a bit under the weather…

Therefore,  Thursday morning (the day I needed to retrieve the Budget truck and load all my belongings into it) I was immobile – only able to occasionally run to the restroom for a brief toilet-hugging session.  Needless to say, I’m glad I have realllly great friends.  Katie Horrell, Drew Bottalico, Anna Gatlin, and Matthew Mosshart moved my ENTIRE apartment for me while I laid on the floor in pain.  Not only that, but Katie Horrell drove the 10′ foot Budget truck through Manhattan like a pro (honking and everything).  We were afraid that all my stuff wasn’t going to fit, but in the end, my sickness was truly the only setback on the entire journey.

my moving crew…yall are the BEST
After begrudgingly leaving New York (…and Drew, Matty, and Anna),  Katie and I began our 4-hour drive to D.C. to visit the Clays and Jackson for a one night.  On our way…we went through, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland before actually ending up in the District. There were toll booths every 30 miles or so…and we basically nickel-ed and dime-ed our lives away within these four hours (not really…but it was a LOT of tolls…geez).  While in D.C. we had a nice dinner (a recovery dinner for me) with Jack and the Clays and enjoyed the nice hotel beds.  Friday morning we woke up and did some touristy sight-seeing and had a quick lunch with Lauren before heading out. 

happy family (sorry jack wasn’t in this pic…but we love him too)
We drove through the entire state of Virginia and ended up stopping in Knoxville for a quick bite.  Our motivation to come all home was the fact that Cliff and Dillon were having a Mardi Gras party and we wanted to show up in the Budget.  However, once we reached TN, we knew we would not be in the party mood upon arriving in Nashville, however what a great motivation to drive 12 hours!  During our pit-stop in K-town we picked up a third passenger: Jess Rutledge.  He kept us awake with exciting stories of his freshman year and eventually we arrived in Nashville.  

being tourists
I am excited about the next four months here in Nashville and nervous about what is to come.  I miss New York more than anything, but I think that will be helpful in prompting me to return when ready.  Anyways…THANK YOU again to my friends who were amazing to me over the past 5 days.  I couldn’t have done it without you…seriously.

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    haha! Love you Jo! Can’t wait for our next adventure… in 8 days!

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