happy hallmark day

i love lynny a latte
I’m not a huge fan of Valentines day, simply because it’s a waste of money and I would rather celebrate love on more meaningful occasions like anniversaries or…tuesdays. Or perhaps I’m bitter that I’m single on this miraculous day of laaaaahhhve. BUT…i do love my mother for sending me a starbucks giftcard and a tumbler that says, “I love you a Latte”.  Very very creative…not to mention…I happen to love lattes…a latte. da da…ching.

sax player in the park…i loved the lighting
I have a sinus infection and I’m hopped up on Tylenol cold and sinus….NON DROWSY. I’m also Watching Garden State…which I’m finding to be a great movie.  Wednesday, I went to the Park and picked up a philly cheese steak at the Boat House…but took it to the mall and ate it there. Not a shopping mall…the mall in the park. It was the prettiest day this winter, I think.  Afterwards, I did a brief people-watching stint on a bench and proceeded to fifth avenue. I walked the 60-ish blocks home. 

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