necessary detox

On Saturday night, I packed my entire apartment (while entirely pulling my back out from lifting heavy boxes) and as I sit here amongst the boxes anxiously awaiting Katie’s arrival, I’m overwhelmingly sad.  I’m a girl that does not know what she wants.  I cannot wait to temporarily move back to Nashville, but cannot bear the thought of actually driving away from here.  To be pulled two completely differently directions simultaneously is taxing.  I did go get a 10 minute medicinal massage on Sunday…and it was amazing.  I’m thinking two or three more should help before the move.  

katie…this is what you’ve gotten yourself into
In other news…lately, I’ve seriously improved my pool game,  discovered that I can download movies from onto my TiVo, and I’m constantly writing…which I love.  The only two thing I crucially need to work on are…my sleeping patterns and physically “detoxing” myself.  I eat too much grease, I sleep at odd hours, I drink beer, and I am not active enough. And as embarrassing as it may be, perhaps I shouldn’t skip as many showers :)
ouch…my back hurts
This week, being my last week, will also be DETOX week for Jordan.  No fast food, no indoors (I will be walking around daily), no beer, and necessary sleep regulations will all be accounted for.  I am going to all the museums, trying not to shop, eating colors of the rainbow, and drinking LOTS and LOTS of water (although I swear I do that anyways).  We’ll see how I feel about ruling out coffee…although I don’t see that happening.  
Gotta shake off the cynicism of NYC! Watch THIS video and prepare to laugh.  I love literal humor…very dry. Very me.  Also, I can’t wait to play tennis with Lynny…everyday!


  1. oh lord….
    You owe me a massage when we get home.. a professional one!

    Can’t wait to come see you and bid NYC goodbye (for now at least…). I mean- until I move back up there with you ;)


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