i could kick myself.

So.  I’ve begun the actual packing process and I want to kick myself for how much I originally brought up here!! Could someone please tell me why I decided it would be a good idea to bring ALL my Vogues from 2005-2008 up here?  WHY?  I tend to accumulate furniture, bric-a-brac, and clothing over time.  Therefore, I’m leaving with a lot more than I started out with (desk, closet, television, couch, coffee table…) Katie is coming up on the 18th, does anyone want to come up now? I’m going to lose my head.

this is only a mere portion of what i’m dealing with…
On another completely random note…I received a text message from an ex-boyfriend (def not naming who it was) with the song Rich Girl by Hall and Oates.  I promptly called him and asked him what he was implying by sending that to me.  He laughed and said “I sent it to, like, ten people and I definitely didn’t mean to send it to you! I’m so sorry! There were no negative implications.”  Whatever. It’s my ringtone now.

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