a different new york…

I’m sorry…but this is just an accident waiting to happen.
Tre Merli – SOHO
My NYC of 2009 has been quite contrary to my NYC of 2008. Basically, I’ve gone hermit.   Either that, or nocturnal?  I’m doing this, mainly to save $$$.  I would give anything if Central Park had a heater or something.  During the day, I am INSIDE and constantly on the computer: writing, blogging, jobsearching, etc. I’ve almost lost grasp of the material world altogether; only venturing from the apartment out of necessity.  And by the time I do actually step outside, night has usually fallen.  I’m literally turning into a vampire…or some creature of the night.
Because of my irregular schedule, I will go on an occasional dinner or movie date with Anna. This week, our restaurant of choice was Cento Vini (very good prix fixe menu).  The movie of the week was Revolutionary Road (I don’t care what people say – life should never be that depressing). If I’m not with her, I’m at The Edge playing pool extremely late at night with Matthew.  It’s a cheap and easy way to pass the time and I’m getting quite good at it for a girl. On a side note…Matt has taken up vocabulary lessons as a hobby. It’s amusing to see him try to fit “foible” into an everyday sentence…but more on that later…
On the plus side to this mayhem (or lack thereof) is the fact that I’ve become quite productive in this little apartment.  Doing dishes?  Not so much. But creatively, I’m flowing.  I just went and had some dinner at Grey Dog (Cherry Wood should be jealous…) As for my decisions on what to do in the upcoming months (move to Nashville? stay here for 6 more months? a year? Spain?) these are all very still up in the air.  Any ideas? Thoughts?


  1. I love you Jo! Follow your heart- you’ll figure it out. No matter where you end up I will be there asap to visit- even if it is down the street… and hey- it’s only like $400 to Spain!

    Call me later…


  2. Lynnyrut@hotmail.com

    You are always welcome here .. HOME .. but be grateful for who you are,where you are and what you are learning ! You are brave! and many , not few , will wish in 20 years to have the experience that you are having now – Even with all of its ups and downs , It is so wonderful to learn Lonliness and accomplishment and the unknown .. while you are on your own you create a strength that comes from it , you cannot see yet , but when you need to draw from it , It will be there , because you put it there …most of us cant or wont do that …It is all about taking a chance,,,My money is on you!!

  3. I AM jealous!! oh what i would give to be back in that precious place eating yummy oatmeal. and I am so happy you’re coming back to Nashville!!! maybe i can see you when you get here?? sometime?? that would be lovely.

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