christmas in nyc

Before I relocated from Nashville to NYC, I was an avid visitor to the city.  This came in handy when I needed to learn the subway and grid systems, for I already had a basic knowledge.  I would, obviously, come during the U.S. Open each year and occasionally other times during the summer.  When I was little, I would also come to watch all the Broadway musicals.

Rockefeller Center
However, I can’t remember the last time I was in NY during Christmas.  I believe I was twelve and was attending a few shows with Mom.  Now, finally experiencing it again, I love it.  It’s already becoming increasingly more like the NYC I know from movies.  Stores are packed with people, everyone is wearing gigantic coats and hats, and christmas music is everywhere.  It’s funny, because it also feels as though the population has doubled in size – which it probably has due to tourists.  The streets are literally packed despite the frigid weather.

Today, I walked around the village, got a coffee, and went to the bookstore to get myself a new book.  At the store, they were having a book drive for the children’s ward at St. Vincent’s.  You got to pick out your favorite children’s book and purchase it for the kids.  I donated Harold and the Purple Crayon.  That made me happy.   


  1. I can’t read your blog without become insanely jealous that you actually live in NYC. Please pause by the window displays at Bloomingdale’s for me if you get a sec. Hope you’re doing well!

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